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Pilates for Everyone

Our ever-growing library of over 200, easy to follow, online Pilates videos offers something for everyone, whatever age, shape or experience level you might be.

Looking to improve your posture, build core strength or tone up? Our classes range from simple 10-minute stretching routines to more challenging exercises, which will push your body to achieve your goals.

Whether you’ve never tried Pilates before, want to move more and improve the way your body feels, or you want to step out of your comfort zone, there’s a huge selection of resources to choose from.

“Join me and a growing community of likeminded people all over the world who feel better in their bodies thanks to Pilates,”
Christina MacDonald, CEO Target Pilates Ltd

Our Classes

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10 Minute Classes

For a quick targeted tone-up when you’re short on time or need a daily routine to improve flexibility or reduce pain in target areas.


30 Minute Classes

Split into ‘Easy, Medium and Hard’ categories. Pick your workouts to suit your goals.

New 60 Minute Classes

Added weekly for when you want a more in-depth session.

Start Something New

Our fully structured six-session Beginners Course, covers all the basic principles and techniques of Pilates and is included in our monthly fee.


Build Technique

Our exercise library is packed full of tutorials for when you want to brush up on you Pilates technique. Didn’t quite get a particular movement correct in class? These videos will help you rectify that by explaining the intention behind each exercise.

Reduce Stress

Pick from our growing library of relaxation videos, which can be used alone or bolted on to the end of any class, to help release stress and anxiety and improve your general wellbeing.

Why Choose Us

Best Value for a Great Product

We offer one of the best value products on the market. Following the outbreak of Covid-19 some teachers now charge £30 for a single 60 minute online class. We never altered our prices and don’t intend to. Get access to everything we have ever made and everything we ever will make for just £4.99 a month or £60 per year.


The Benefits of Pilates Online


Our package offering unlimited classes is still cheaper than a single session at most Pilates Studios and Community Classes.

Time Saving

You don’t have to leave time to drive and park either end, just roll out of bed and into class!


Supplement an Existing Class

Do you already attend a Pilates class but want to practice at home? If you aren’t sure what to do or can’t quite remember what you did in class, we are here to help!

Improve Technique

Our Tutorial and Build Technique Videos go into depth as to what you are trying to achieve and how to improve.

Come When You Choose

Attend classes around your own timetable, when it suits you. You can fit your Pilates class around your life rather than a fixed studio timetable.

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel or pause your membership at anytime. See our cancellation policy for full information.


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